Who will be the next Pope?


Photo – Reuters

As usual the world has turned its head towards the upcoming Pope conclave this week. Although, the Catholic Church’s worshipers have declined in the last decades, we all seem to be curious who will be the next Pope. Some even go further initiating gambling schemes to gain a profit.

There are, however, several names circulating in the media as potential popes, yet none of them seems “charismatic and suitable” enough for the role.

The Catholic Church is in need of reform and whoever becomes the head of it will face a solemn challenge to address the sore issues hanging unsolved from his predecessors.

As societies become more democratic and citizen’s mentality  grows more open-minded and progressive, the Catholic values are no longer hype. The conservative approach to modern life and the lack of dialog and adequate measures on vicious acts by its clerics have banished many from the house of God.

The role of the church in the Western world is gradually vanishing and in order to retain its followers and increase them, the call for urgent change is inevitable.


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